Kuwait International Airport Terminal -II Project

Client: Ministry of Public Works (MPW)


Location: Sabhan, Kuwait.

General statistics:

  • First phase will accommodate 25 MAP (million annual passengers).
  • Further expansion will enable the Gulf’s new regional hub to serve up 50 million MAP.
Project Brochure

Site Area: The total area for the new passenger terminal site is approximately 6.8 million m2. The built up area of the terminal building is exceeding 700,000 m2.

Building Footprint: The terminal building footprint exceeds 150,000 m2.

Building Height: Up to 39 meters.

Number of Storeys: The terminal building has 4 levels above ground and one underground.


  • Striving to attain LEED ‘Gold’ status.
  • The concrete structure provides thermal mass and the roof incorporates a large expanse of photovoltaic panels to harvest solar energy.

Check in and baggage handling:

  • 180 Check-in desks.
  • 32 Baggage drop-off counters.
  • Approximately 6 kilometers of baggage conveyors.
  • Approximately 1.5 kilometers of high-speed baggage sorters.
  • Integrated baggage system incorporating screening, dynamic storage, and sortation.

Electro-Mechanical Systems:

  • The energy saving criteria included in the design reduces the annual energy consumption used for cooling by 36%compared to traditional buildings.
  • The terminal consumes 294 m3 of hot water per day, and rooftop solar panels generate 46% of the energy needed to heat the water.
  • The wastewater from the laundries is collected and treated to provide 30% of the water needed for the toilets.
  • The water consumption of the terminal is equivalent to 1325 m3 per day, with a capacity of 25 million passengers per year. Through the pool of water consumed in the washbasins in the bathrooms and the water from the condensate, the water consumption was reduced by 50% inside the building.

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